Data, Join Me in Stellar Cartography: Parts 4, 5, & 6 (Music, Games, My work)

Then came Ted without any legs
And in their place two wooden pegs
She kissed him a dozen times or two
And said, "My God Ted is it you"? 
Now were ye drunk or were ye blind
When ye left yer two fine legs behind? 
Or was it walking upon the sea
That wore your two fine legs away?"

-Mrs. MgGrath, an Irish folk song featured on We Shall Overcome

(This is the next section from my notes on all of the media I consumed this year. Read the original list here. As for the notes: Part 1 is here, Part 1.5 is here, and Parts 2 & 3 are here.)

4. Music


Like I said last year, I don’t really know how to talk or write about music, so just look at the list, decide if I have bad taste or not, and move on with your life.



5. Videogames

Wolfenstein: The New Order & Wolfenstein: The Old Blood -- These games remind me of a simpler time when the world was new. In the 90s my uncle sent my brother and I a copy of the original Wolfenstein 3D on a 100 megabyte zip disk. (Do you even know what that is?) My brother and I, being the unexperienced computer gamers we were, invented a new form of co-op play. One of us would “pilot” B.J. Blazkowicz and the other would handle firearms, then we’d switch. It was a very satisfying way to kill those nazi bastards. I chose to play these new Wolfenstein games by myself, but I was very pleased to see that they have some of that old school FPS goodness still in there.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild -- I still think that the Switch is too expensive for what it actually does, but Breath of the Wild basically made my half-purchase (I co-bought it with a the aforementioned Ben Moore) 100% worth it. This is a beautiful, mysterious game that empowers the player to craft their own narrative simply by exploring its vast world. And there is so much to explore and so many places to see and so very many bokoblins to kill.


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