Short Fiction


Danger Zone

Four friends converge on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and then diverge in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They encounter mutants, engage in strange sexual acts, and find no meaning in any of it.


Tropical Fruit

A trio of rough criminal types, with the help of a witch from Harlem named R'Donda, head to Maui to participate in an ancient Polynesian ritual that will grant them great power. 


Fred & Ted Go To Toronto

or "How to have a good time at a Canadian comic book convention."


English Muffins Are For Closers

Trigger Warning: This story contains Triggers.


The Roma Khan Complex

This is a story about an actual human being that you may have walked by on the street. Her name is Roma Khan. Both of her parents are dying. Her boss is a maniac. And she hates her boyfriend. She's quite a terrible human being but you may like reading about her sordid life.


The Drakul Wedding

Chelsea Greenspan believes she has met the man of her dreams. But Johnny Drakul isn't much of a man. He's an Emissary of Hell.