The Ring

Years ago, when I set out to make The Cycle, I thought it would be fun to do a series of "interludes." Each one would come at the end of a Cycle issue and flesh out the world by exploring background characters or historical events.

The Ring is the first of these in-between stories. It tells a tale of the band known as "Genetic Death." We catch a glimpse of these guys in the opening pages of The Cycle: Pax Romana, but they were too cool to leave alone. So I put them through the ringer. And they emerged stronger for it.

The characters were originally designed and drawn by Jon Cairns for The Cycle: Pax Romana. The Ring was drawn by JD Faith and colored by Matt Davis.

I will be publishing pages twice a week up until the end of January, at which point I will put up the next book in The Cycle. Here are a few sample pages.